Yours, Young Spirit

by Julie Endo

The piece „Yours, Young Spirit“ was created by the Brazilian dancer Julie Endo in a very confusing, ambiguous and multioptional moment of her life. Having faced the end of her contract at Landestheater Linz, where she worked as a dancer for three seasons, she discovered herself as a creator and started her career as a choreographer, an artistic good-bye to her Austrian years. The title of the piece refers to a closing line of a letter that has never been written, the letter of a break up, the painful farewell occuring to two loving people, which, however, promises a new beginning.

At least, for Julie Endo this work indeed opened a new chapter of her life: after accomplishing the piece, she got accepted as a dancer at Theater Hagen. She moves to Germany, leaving behind her sorrow, doubts and confusion, and of course, „Yours, Young Spirit“: the choreography permitted by the feelings of anticipation and nostalgia, wild and lyrical tchau to the past. 


The Online Premiere of "Yours, Young Spirit" took place through the Youtube platform by Julie Endo's channel, being available from the 18th to the 20th of June 2021.

Julie Endo

Ivan Strelkin
Tura Gómez Coll
Kasija Vrbanac
Mireia González Fernández
Filip Löbl

Sense Pell
"Fly me to the moon” performed by Kaperotxipi

Ivan Strelkin 

costume Design
Eva Stöflin

Georgi Sarkezi

Georgi Sarkezi
Eva Stöflin

Lighting Design
Philip Steiner

Audio Postproduktion & Mix
Franz Pichler 

A big thank you to

Flirty Horse
Indigo Studio
Kunstuniversität Linz